Business English for Marketeers & Communication Professionals

A lot of media, marketing and communication industry jargon has its origins in English and the primary language of many creative companies and their international clients is increasingly English. It is notable however, that it still costs many Dutch professionals blood, sweat and tears to communicate professionally in English with their colleagues and collaborative partners around the world. It is all the more obvious when compared to how much more effective the younger generation is in English, due to their more bilingual education.

Why take this course?
Media, marketing and communications specialists are particularly aware that they wrestle too much with Dunglish. It’s all too easy to slip into making errors such as wearing a ‘smoking’ – which is actually a Tuxedo in English or saying I am working at Company X, making it sound temporary, instead of the correct, I work at Company X (it is my job). The result is that they all too often have to re-explain what was meant or intended in the communique. For all the perfectionists in our industry and those who want to communicate fluently and professionally, this course is an absolute must.

What will you learn on this course?
Over the course of 8 mornings/afternoons you and your industry colleagues will improve your vocabulary and learn how to speak and write flowing, professional English. We will fine-tune your grasp of English grammar and pay a lot of attention the differences that exist between communicating in English and Dutch.

We pay specific attention to the following:

  • The writing of documents: various business emails, pitches, quotations, blogs and social media.
  • Conversational English with emphasis on meetings and negotiations.
  • Convincing presentation of your company, ideas and projects


You will present a portfolio at the end of the course which incorporates these three skills.


  • Increase your vocabulary and professionalism, thereby increasing your confidence in English
  • Depending on your beginning level and how much time you can dedicate to your homework tasks and practicing, your English on average should improve by 1 level. (for example: from B1 to B2)


Programme – Business English for Marketing & Communication Professionals
The programme focuses on correct sentence construction and the grammar that goes with it. The various frequent Dutch to English errors are addressed and practiced using actual example work material from the clients. Useful vocabulary and style elements related to e.g. emails, presentations, press releases, blogs and social media are covered. Apart from these written elements, there is plenty of speaking input and practice that will help you with meetings, pitching ideas and conducting interviews. The course will broaden your English horizons, make your language use more accurate and give you increased confidence in your English use.


This course was specially developed for:

  • Marketers
  • Account Managers
  • Client Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Bloggers
  • Communications employees and consultants
  • Office managers, assistants and PAs working in marketing and communication
  • Strategists
  • Business Development Managers
  • Media buyers
  • Any media and communication professionals wanting to improve their level of business English


Entry level:
Intermediate / advanced