Copywriting in English for Copywriters - Nieuw

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. It’s just a pity that so few clients live here. What good are 16 million people when compared to a world population of 6-Billion? 99,75% of potential consumers live outside our borders. If you want to expand your reachable territory as a copywriter and join the global village of fast-paced, English based writing, this is your chance. There is no space for mistakes, slow reaction times and small misunderstandings out there.

Why take this course?
You’ve earned your stripes as a copywriter. You’ve worked for great companies and even better brands and clients. You’ve got a great job, but secretly you are dreaming of conquering the world outside of The Netherlands. Maybe you want to spend a few years in Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa or another English-speaking country. Or maybe you just want to get more international clients right here at home. The primary language of the creative industries is increasingly becoming English. Therefore, we have developed a special course for experienced copywriters that will allow you to take what you do into English and on the road to making these dreams come true.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create confident, accurate and professional English copy
  • Generate catchy copy and phrases for your international clients
  • Write more accurate, clear English
  • Avoid common Dutch to English errors
  • Write in a style less influenced by Dutch traditions
  • Use English cultural norms in writing


Programme Copywriting in English 
Dutch is a verb intensive language and can be very ornate and long winded. Just knowing the equivalent English words to translate from Dutch to English is not enough to create compelling copy. You have to be able to follow the structure, rhythm and common practices of English writing to be able to be effective. This requires attention to specific grammatical issues as well as cultural approaches and common word selections. For copywriters, this is essential in our global and fast changing market place as no-one has time to figure out what is meant, it needs to be clearly and easily understood.

The programme focuses on all the important elements of good, stylish writing in English. This includes relevant grammar and syntax, learning how to recognise and avoid Dutch sentence constructions and develop their English equivalents. All the important points are tried and tested using whatever form of English the participants are busy with: from long form copy to tweets, radio or TV adverts, blogs, banners, sales texts and everything else you can think of. 


  • Improve your ability to build and edit solid, standard English sentences
  • Depending on your beginning level and how much time you can dedicate to your homework tasks and practicing, your general English on average should improve by 1 level. (for example: from B1 to B2)

We developed this course specifically for:

  • Copywriters
  • Bloggers
  • Editors


Entry Level